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Commercial Dispute

commercial-disputeA commercial dispute in Slovenia is a dispute where the parties to the dispute are economic operators. Economic operators include (Bohinc, 2008, p. 39):

  • Companies,
  • Other legal entities engaged in a gainful activity (banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses, cooperatives),
  • Individual entrepreneurs,
  • Other legal entities, where, in accordance with the regulation, they also occasionally or in the course of their predominant activity engage in a gainful activity, in the case of contracts related to such gainful activity (institutes, institutions, associations).

In resolving disputes in the courts, the provisions of the procedure in commercial disputes of the Code of Civil Procedure (hereinafter: ZPP) – Chapter 32 should be observed, namely:
In disputes in which each of the parties is one of the following persons: a company, an institute (including a public institute), a cooperative, a state or a self-governing local community, their is very import to have a good lawyer in slovenian – solicitor – https://www.lawfirm-pipus.eu/gospodarsko-pravo read more »